A number of enhancements to 2D CAD include:

  • Now able to import AutoCAD 2010 DWG & DXF files.
  • Proxy objects now are displayed in RADAN.
  • The automatic correction of minor errors in DXF files, increasing reliability of imports.

Nesting Performance

Helping you get more metal for your money!

  • New part arrangements -  Ground breaking enhancements to the nesting software, enables intelligent analysis of the sheet material in order to find the most effective way of arranging parts for nesting.

Nesting Engine

The flexibility offered by the new nester has enabled RADAN to add new features that will be of significant interest to users including:

  • Nesting in apertures setting
  • Part placement options
  • Part mirroring
  • Nesting parts with multiple external profiles

Results Report

The nester produces a clear summary and a detailed report which is available immediately after nesting or at a later stage. It will assist by:

  • Providing a summary of what has been completed
  • Giving an option to view a more detailed report
  • Saving time by helping if errors were made