Import Utility

2D DXF & DWG files can now be easily converted and added to either the nest schedule or the current nest project. It combines the operations of converting and setting material properties and nest parameters in one easy to use user interface.

Nest Projects

A new icon in the Nests area of the Nest Projects GUI allows various reports to be generated from the current Nest Project using report templates.
The following report templates are supplied:

  • Material Summary: this report shows a summary of the sheets and remnants used in the project, as well as any remnants that have been generated from the nests.
  • Nest Overview: shows all nests in the project and the parts nested on them.
  • Nest Summary: shows all nests in the project with material, utilisation and cycle time information.
  • Part Overview: shows the parts in the project and on which nest(s) they can be found.
  • Part Summary: shows a summary of the parts and quantities nested in the Nest Project.

Nest Results

Building on the nesting engine that was introduced in 2010 R2, the nester is now fully multi threaded. The nester will automatically use all available processing power while it searches for the best arrangements of parts on the sheet. The result is a faster more effective nester that provides you with excellent material utilisation.Program Reduction

RADAN 2011 R1 also sees the return of Program Reduction, this is now available when using both the Rectangular Nester and the True Shape Nester. Program Reduction aims to reduce the number of different nests that are generate, rather than reduce the amount of material use. In some cases, using Program Reduction has even been seen to improve the overall material utilisation.

Quick Estimates

Now available in 2011 R1, Quick Estimates will give you the ability to calculate an estimate of the costs of your parts. The Quick Estimates will take the following costs into consideration:

  • Material cost
  • Machine setup cost
  • Machine run time cost
  • Labour cost

Quick Estimates can be used with individual parts, nests or nests projects.

.NET Framework

Customers of RADAN have been able to add plug-ins using VBA since the release of RADAN 05, with the release of 2011 R1 plug-ins can now be written in any language that is supported by .NET.

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