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Powerful Features Within e2i

Planit Software’s manufacturing management system - e2i – has just delivered significant enhancements in its 2010 R1 release.

e2i tracks and manages cost and quotations throughout the design and manufacturing process and for many RADAN customers is a critical element in achieving a competitive advantage.

Included in 2010 R1’s developments is Stock control, which has been redesigned to make management more intuitive. Users can now manage the total quantity of a stock item in relation to real time supply and demand, rather than individual allocations. Stock Control has been enhanced to enable users to record the consumption of raw materials at the point of use. Dave Caughley, Development Manager for e2i, is excited by the newly re-engineered Stock Control feature as he explains “Stock Control is a powerful feature within e2i and with the current cost of materials, every extra job that can be squeezed out of stored material is a financial boost to our customers.”

e2i 2010 R1 also benefits from enhancements to the Sybase PowerBuilder and InfoMaker tools. These upgrades give customers a much improved environment to create reports, for example, the new development tools have allowed the addition of calendar controls to help users set date fields.  In addition these developments have enabled users to benefit from new reporting tools, which allow the creation of new tree-style reports.

The latest release of e2i supports both Windows Vista and Microsoft’s latest release Windows 7.

e2i will now also benefit from CLS -  Planit’s new licencing system. This provides users with additional functionality including licence management, where users can “reserve” licences so they are always available to them.



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