RADAN Sees Great Response to 2014 Release During FABTECH

Sheet metal specialists RADAN Software witnessed a tremendous amount of success during FABTECH 2013. The recently released RADAN 2014, which spent more than 12 months in development, incorporates a host of new and enhanced functionality including 3D workflow improvements, safety measures to prevent tipping on flat-bed lasers, along with strides in common cutting on punches, and support for cluster and asymmetric wheel tools.

“For RADAN, FABTECH was a very successful show. We had the opportunity to meet with many current and future customers, giving attendees the opportunity to see all of the new enhancements to our 2014 version,” says Doug Wood, RADAN Sales and Services Director.

Some of the many improvements include considerable enhancements to simulation and time calculation by moving away from NC verification to the area where sequences are defined.

Enhancements to 3D Workflow dramatically reduce the time taken to get parts to the nest. Previously several manual steps were required including unfolding the model, saving as a part and adding the right quantity to the schedule. Now all sheet metal, whether single or assemblies, is unfolded and added to the nest area automatically. This reduces the number of mouse clicks for single parts from around 26, down to just three or four.

Support for cluster tools means they can now simply be added to the master tool file, and RADAN automatically ensures the best arrangements of cluster tools to punch a specific pattern.

And there are similar enhancements for asymmetric wheel tools as they are becoming more popular in offering alternative strategies to secondary operations for both cutting and forming.


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