RADAN Version 2018 R2


RADAN CAD/CAM 2018 R2 is only available as a 64-bit version – it is not possible to install this version on a 32-bit operating system.

3D CAD | Import and Export

This version of the software supports import of Inventor 2018, Solid Edge ST10, SolidWorks 2018.

2D CAM | Setup Sheets

All setup sheets data is now available in nest project reports; this enables the user to issue a complete pack of information to the shop floor with one click.

Part Pickers

RADAN 2018 R2 now has improved support for part pickers with symmetrical arms.

Grid Nesting

A new feature in manual nesting allows the user to quickly place down rectangular grids of parts.

Reverse Cutting Direction

In certain situations, the cutting process can be improved by reversing the cutting direction on a part. This can now easily be achieved using a new function in RADAN 2018 R2.

Radquote Purchased Parts

Radquote now offers full support for purchased parts. A purchased part can have a single purchase price set and any number of associated documents, such as PDF files and drawings.

Material Cost Options

The user can now choose from three different methods for calculating the material cost of a sheet metal part. In addition, all options are shown clearly with their associated cost.


New automation options allow parts to be automatically generated from CSV files third party geometry files. This can be used when importing quotes and orders into the system and it greatly shortens the process involved.

Batch Bending

Radpro 2018 R2 can now automatically process 3D parts for multiple press brakes. This automates all steps from import, sequence calculation, to generating the NC programs.

Radbend | Automation

To support batch bending, but also to offer greater flexibility to the user, it is now possible to specify the automation settings per machine tool.

DIN Unfolding

Radbend 2018 R2 now allows DIN values to be applied to sharp bends on parts. This is most important when the result radius differs from the design radius, where the design intent isn’t clear.

Radm-ax/Radtube | Common Cutting

Radtube 2018 R2 now supports common line cutting for tubes, to optimise material usage and cutting time. The user can specify which end (or both) of a tube is suitable for common cutting.

Auto-Cut Review

A new screen has been added which allows the user to view and change cut properties before the tool paths are calculated.

Clone Change Points

The user can now duplicate change points very easily by copying the properties from an existing change point.