RADAN 2012R2RADAN 2012R2RADAN 2012R2RADAN 2012R2

Enhancements for Radbend and Punching in RADAN 2012 R2 and RADAN Launches New Laser and Tube Products

RADAN, the world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software, has just released its latest edition – 2012R2...along with new laser and tube products.

Radbend:  A new way of storing face, edge and vertex details, allows data to be repeatedly transferred between RADAN and the Radbend press brake software. This will allow Radbend to recognise ‘similarities’ between parts, and automatically re-program known parts.

Punching: A new function allows sheets to be automatically cut off on punching and combination machines to create offcuts. Sophisticated tagging methods will secure the remnant in place while unloading the sheet skeleton. And there is additional functionality to the order mode tool list, including using visual feedback to show whether the state of the tool is ‘not processed,’ ‘partially processed,’ and ‘all processed.’ The tool selection has also become more intuitive, activating on selection to allow redraw.

The rectangular nesting algorithm for single parts has been enhanced and shows increases in material utilisation.   

The user can specify the columns visible in the nest lists, allowing custom part properties to be used to, group, sort and identify parts.

Certain attributes have been machine specific, i.e. they hold different values for different machine tools. This means that, for example, the runtime of a nest can be stored with machine specific values.

Values calculated by Quick Estimates are now stored and can be shown on the nest layout drawings, html setup sheets and nest project reports.

The new Radm-ax and Radtube are now available:

RADM-AX is a 5-axis programming system for multi-axis laser or water-jet cutting machines in the general engineering, automotive and aerospace industries. And Radtube is specialist programming software for rotary and multi-axis cutting machines used by the tube cutting and manipulation industry.

Both come with a comprehensive machine and postprocessor database making them fully compatible with machines from a large number of manufacturers.  Should a machine not be supported, a Machine Setup utility means bespoke machine types and post processing information can readily be configured.

Radtube:  A library of parametric tube shapes simplifies the creation of the tube material to be cut. And a library of parametric hole shapes means specialist joint features such as duck tails, clips and key holes can easily be added. RADAN’s renowned nesting capabilities help users to nest multiple parts on a single pipe or section, by creating individual programs for each part, then simulating and checking the cutting path. Previously machined parts can be nested into a multiple number of tubes where each nested tube can be postprocessed to form a complete NC program – giving maximum yield and minimum waste from expensive materials.

Radm-ax: Cutting operations are generally divided into outer trims – the external forms of the part – and inner trims, which represent the internal cut-outs and other features to be machined. While their basic toolpaths can be generated automatically, they can also be easily created and refined manually. Users have full control over how each inner and outer trim is handled. The toolpath can also be edited regarding how the cutting nozzle is angled towards it, or how it handles jigs and fixture features – Radm-ax offers a number of ways of handling fixtures, including importing them from external files and manually repositioning them, or using the Fixture Design utility to create the support fixtures in sheet metal.

Toolpath verification and simulation in both Radtube and Radm-ax ensures there are no nasty surprises when cutting starts. A full solid toolpath simulation shows the angle of the nozzle as it moves around the part, providing instant feedback on whether machine head movement or accessibility means a specific move is possible. Any collisions which are detected are highlighted both on the model and via on-screen messages and can be manually edited or corrected automatically. Once the toolpath has been completely verified and optimised Radtube and Radm-ax quickly generate reliable NC code. And a wealth of features help reduce machine tool wear while ensuring feeds and speeds are maintained across the job.

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